Titlepaging Topic Author Price
detail view Conversion YA Katherine Howe $330.00
detail view COPYBOY (UEB) Young Adult Vince Vawter $175
detail view COUNTERFEIT Recreation - Young Adult $30.00
detail view COURTSHIP OF MILES STANDISH, The Recreation - Adult $30.00
detail view CRISS CROSS (UEB) Young Adult Lynne Rae Perkins $210
detail view CROSS MY HEART Adult James Patterson $240.00
detail view CROSSOVER, The (UEB) Child YA Kramer Alexander $120.00
detail view CROSSROADS FOR CHELA Recreation - Young Adult $90.00
detail view CROSSWALK COACH Math Randy Green $1,500.00
detail view CRUCIBLE, The Recreation - Adult $120.00
detail view CUTTING FOR STONE Adult Abraham Verghese $300.00
detail view DANCES WITH WOLVES Recreation - Adult $240.00
detail view DARK EMPEROR and Other Poems of the Night (UEB) Children Joyce Sidman $30
detail view DAVE BARRY TURNS FORTY Recreation - Adult $90.00
detail view Day No Pigs Would Die, A (UEB) Young Adult Robert Newton Peck $105.00
detail view DEAD CERT Recreation - Adult $210.00
detail view DEADLY POISON DART FROGS Children Lincoln James $20.00
detail view Deadly Poison Dart Frogs (UEB) Children Licoln James $25.00
detail view DEAR LOVEY HEART, I AM DESPERATE Recreation - Young Adult $90.00
detail view DEATH OF A SALESMAN Recreation - Adult $90.00
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Book List

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